mummies in Bruges- secrets of ancient Egypt

The temporary exhibition “Mummies in Bruges – Secrets of Ancient Egypt” will be inaugurated on 31 March at the Oud Sint-Jan Exhibition Centre in Bruges.  This fascinating exhibition comprises 9 human and animal mummies from Ancient Egypt that are more than 2000 years old, plus more than 200 objects (likewise from Ancient Egypt), including some that have never been shown before.  

These objects and mummies belong to the collection of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden[National Museum of Antiquities] in Leiden (Netherlands), which boasts one of the 10 most important Egyptology collections in the world.  Large information panels and videos throughout the exhibition provide explanations on the remarkable rituals of the Ancient Egyptians concerning death and their unshakable belief in the afterlife.


31 mrt - 3 nov '19





Museum Bronbeek organiseert van 20 t/m 27 oktober 2019 in de ‘Week van de Koloniale Geschiedenis’ lezingen, films, muziek, dans, theater, talkshow en exposities rond het thema ‘Zij/hij’. Deze ‘Week’ is deel van de landelijke Maand van de Geschiedenis. Het gedetailleerde programma is vanaf 1 oktober als PDF te downloaden.


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